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Eight out of 10 motorists unaware of new speeding penalties | Legal Advice

More than eight out of every 10 British motorists are unaware of new speeding fines, according to research by HonestJohn.co.uk 

In a survey of British driving licence holders, aged 18-84, around 84 per cent of respondents said they didn’t know what the new sentencing guidelines – which come into force on 24 April – meant, while more than half (56 per cent) were completely unaware that the penalties for speeding were changing.

Fines for the most serious cases of speeding will rise by 50 per cent in England and Wales, following a Government review of sentencing guidelines for magistrates’ courts.

The new rules will allow magistrates to convict the most serious offenders with a fine starting from 150 per cent of their weekly income, an increase of 50 per cent over the previous guidelines. Fines will be capped at £1000 for most roads, but rise to £2500 for those caught travelling over 101mph on the motorway.

The updated Band C sentencing rules will affect drivers caught doing 41mph or more where there is a 20mph limit, 51mph or more where there is a 30mph limit or over 101mph on a motorway.

Drivers prosecuted for doing 9mph over a 20mph or 30mph limit will be liable to three points and a band A fine, starting from 50 per cent of their weekly income. The new guidelines for magistrates’ courts are intended to provide a ‘clear increase in penalty as the seriousness of offending increases’, according to the Sentencing Council. 

Speeding offences subject to new Band C sentencing rules:

Speed limit Recorded speed
20mph 41mph and above
30mph 51mph and above
40mph 66mph and above
50mph 76mph and above
60mph 91mph and above
70mph 101mph and above

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